PinkBunny (pinkybunny) wrote in ucberkeley,

15 worst College Crime Areas...

...and UC Berkeley is ranked as number 4.

Congrats Cal, and can I cite this as one of the reasons I can never find my purse? :P

Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy saying that some days I do feel safer in West Oakland then in Berkeley. Why? Well, for starters, my car (a crappy 80's Toyota) was never broken into in West Oakland (happened twice here). My Telegraph apartment (complete with gate security) was robbed (while I was in it). My long-time Oakland resident friends don't even have that to boast about.

I also have known at least 1 person mugged at gunpoint, 2 people who were raped as the result of a break-in, and 5 people who were beaten and robbed.

Overall, Berkeley freaks me the hell out!!

Note: this was all based on property/theft crimes, so I guess that's why Yale (home of this case) and Virginia Tech didn't make the list. Which (...not to make light of property crimes) but I'll take them over these tragedies any day.
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