H. (androgy8) wrote in ucberkeley,

DSP Notetaker needed for EE 40/42/100

If you are in EE40/42/100 this semester, and would like to make $120 taking notes for the semester, e-mail me at androgy8 [at] livejournal dot com. Requirements are regular class attendance in a discussion section and legible handwriting. How it works is that about twice a week you walk to the DSP (Disabled Students and Programs) office off of Sproul Plaza, make 2 copies of your notes (free copying machine), and leave them in manilla folders for myself and one other student. At the end of the semester, the university cuts you a check for $120.

Plus, I will sweeten the deal, and add in $40 of my own cash, so the total will be $160, and $40 of it will be tax free. Even better is that the lectures are webcast. So it's not actually necessary to attend lecture (but you do have to attend discussion); just watch the webcast lectures and copy the examples and any salient points done in class down to paper. (There are already lecture notes for this class in a reader, but it's my understanding that they are only very cursory, and class examples present new material.)

If you would take this job but for the money (as in, you don't think it's enough), feel free to e-mail me that information too, or leave it in a comment here. Last semester, DSP services had a lot of trouble finding notetakers for classes, and this semester they raised the rate from $30 a unit to $40 a unit. It's not clear to me if the problem is a salary one or if students just don't like being notetakers for other students.
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