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More of the Semi-Annual Anonymous Confession thread

UPDATE 12/21/06
Anonymous comments have been disabled and IP logging restored. Thanks for playing!

You are still welcome to participate, but, it'll have to be non-anonymously. :0)

ANON-O-CON 2K6, the Sequel


Let the tumultuous mess of human catharsis begin continue!!

"Post anything you want here. Be it a confession, story, phobias, secrets, whatever. But post anonymously and honestly. Be respectful." Play nicely with others.

If you're not going to be respectful, have the 'nads not to be anonymous (though, nonymity, provides no intrinsic defense from moderator smiting deletion)

  • Take a chance and share something about yourself (as in, don't air someone else's dirty laundry).
  • Do you do something so weird, so strange, so deviant that nobody else could possibly relate (are you sure? you might be surprised!)
  • Maybe share an update to your confession from a previous semester (so did you hook up with the cutie/hawtie you were crushing on???).
  • Got something you've always wanted to say, but have been too embarrassed to say in public?

  • Don't berate, insult, attack, or disparage other people (especially by name). It's mean and often ill deserved. It also sours the entire thread and experience for everyone else, and mods smite those types of posts.
  • Rules sometimes sux. So do assholes. Smite buttons gravitate towards assholes. We don't know understand how that works, but simply recognize that it happens.

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Previous Semesters: Spring 06 (Part 1 & Part 2), Fall 05, Spring 05
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