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þe Olde Semi Annual Anonymous Confessions Thread

ANON-O-CON 2K6, the Sequel!

Hear ye, hear ye,

Let the tumultuous mess of human catharsis begin!

"Post anything you want here. Be it a confession, story, phobias, secrets, whatever. But post anonymously and honestly. And be respectful." [sic]

This time around, though, perhaps focus a bit more on the positive... or, at least, saucy confessions. Did you make a confession in the past? Tell us what you posted and give us an update on how things have worked out. Did you hook up with your dorm mate, after all? Or end up really jumping off of Evans? And did those naked pictures of your mom you put on the internet help support your drug habit throughout the term, like you thought they would? Share something new! Be nice! Give love!

Happy holidays

Also, just to keep things all happy and nice and pertinent, the moderators request the following:

  • Try to keep the confessions, well, personal. Something about you and your life. Not just "CaL RuLeS StanFURD dR00ls!" or "I hate ________".
  • Don't berate, insult, attack, or disparage other people (especially by name). It's mean and often ill deserved. It also sours the entire thread and experience for everyone else.
  • In general, try not to be offensive. We hate deleting posts, but we hate even more when people are dicks. It makes baby jesus cry. Don't make baby jesus cry.

Thanks mypaganpoetry, oh benevolent father and provider of all that is ucberkeleyish, for the suggested additions.

ZOMG, the official Facebook group! If it's not on Facebook, it didn't really happen!

Spring 2k6 AnonCon

Fall 2k5 AnonCon

Spring 2k5 AnonCon

this is a blatant attempt at psychological priming

P.S. Some posters are of the opinion that the Freshmen here won't possibly be able to figure out what this post is about. Personally, I give you lovable bunch of little sea urchins a lot more credit than that. But if you've got a picture of Corky from Life Goes On stapled to your wall - the hero you aspire to someday be, let me spell it out: THIS IS A THREAD WHERE YOU CAN POST ... GET THIS ... ANONYMOUS CONFESSIONS. Ya. I know, the title above was pretty hard to figure out, but there ya go. What's an anonymous confession, you might ask? Well. It's a sort of confession - our friends at Merriam Webster would say 'a written or oral acknowledgment of guilt by a party of an offense', but we can be more casual about it and just say that it's something that you've been dwelling on and you want to get off of your chest. And, here's the clincher, it's anonymous. As in, we won't have any idea who you are. (Unless you're like me and have a recognizable writing style where everyone seems to get some sort of visceral glee out of pointing out my posts to me.) Two words. Deep meaning. Anonymous Confession. On your marks, get set... GO!
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