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February 10th, 2009

Optometry C10 -- Keep it or Ditch it?



I have been going through some debate inside my head about whether or not to keep or drop Optometry C10 this Spring.

So far it's a really good class, I loved the last presenter and I am pre-optometry or hoping to at least some day explore this field some more, so my question to you would be, how much insight did you think that this class would give me (please note if you have taken the class/audited/glanced through) about the actual field of optometry?

I know that no matter how many classes I take before applying to optometry school it will still be no match against actually working with an optometrist, yet I feel that since this is my last semester at Cal, if I don't take advantage and take this course, I'll regret it?

I could audit it, I do have enough units, yet the fact that auditing may cause me to not pay that much attention to detail is definitely making me wonder whether I'll just waste my time if I go there and sit down for 1.5+ hours when the presenter is actually very very boring.

I keep thinking that I may forget half of that stuff anyway by the time I apply to an optometry program (3+ years down the line) so any help with the decision process of whether to keep or ditch this class would be definitely helpful. (Getting a drop fee is no issue)

Thanks a lot :)

Oh and on a sidenote, if you defintely don't have anything at all to say about the topic at hand, then onto another topic, what would a single person with no plans of having a date on valentine's day be able to do on valentine's day? Nothing depressing like eating ice cream and watching soaps/romantic movies in bed or just staring at the wall type of deal, or anything of that sillyness.

Thanks again! <3

MCB 61 Debate Question

Hey guys,

Did anyone happen to write down the debate question during MCB 61 lecture this morning? I came in 5 minutes late, and didn't realize that it wouldn't be uploaded to the course website, so I didn't write it down. =(

I'm not actually on the debate team, but I need to know what it is so I can write a question for it.
Thanks sooo much in advance!

Endnote vs. BibDesk vs. whatever else

Does anyone have experience using different bibliographic database software programs? I have BibDesk and Endnote, but can't tell which is best. I toyed with Endnote and it seems I can't export .enl files to things readable by other bibliographic databases. Thus, I feel like once I go down one route, I'll end up on it forever. Does anyone use either of these programs, and have suggestions on why one might be better than the other? I'm also open to things other than Endnote or BibDesk.

If it matters, I'm on a Mac.

out of curiosity: does anyone know anything about the older indian man who is ALWAYS jogging across campus or else getting coffee at strada, FSM, etc?

he's been here at least three years because I've seen him ever since I first got here.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is National Condom Day! SHEP will be tabling on Sproul Plaza as well as roaming around passing out free safer sex kits and lollipops. We'll be holding our big event at noon in front of Sproul Hall, with music, games, and a prize drawing every 10 minutes or so. Stop by the SHEP table or find a roving SHEPer for FREE raffle tickets and a chance to win one of the following awesome prizes:
  • A Vixen Creations Vixskin dildo (valued at $100!)
  • A beautiful glass dildo
  • A Good Vibrations Prize Pack including The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex, a mini vibrator, Body Candy, and tons of GV goodies
  • One of Nina Hartley's educational but still amazingly sexy DVDs
  • A set of leather or rubber cock rings
  • A tube of premium lube in one of 6 delicious flavors (no, really, they're tasty!)
  • A nice box of chocolates
Also part of the festivities, two more workshops in 235 Dwinelle this week:
  • Wednesday, February 11 - 6:30pm - Introduction to BDSM (I'll be co-facilitating this one; come make sure I know what I'm talking about!)
  • Thursday, February 12 - 6:30pm - Pleasure Party (it's like a Tupperware party, but with sex toys)
Hope to see you there!
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