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Member tagging has been enabled

Hey ucberkeley,

Chatted with the other mods and wanted to let you know that tags have been enabled for the community. There are more tags available and members can assign tags to community entries (in response to frequent demand). Just click on the "Edit Tags" link or icon () to tag an entry. The FAQ for tagging entries and using tags can be found here. ( P.S., Don't forget that LJ-Seek can also be used to search through ucberkeley entries.)

The entire list of available tags can also be seen at http://ucberkeley.livejournal.com/tag/ (but without the helpful descriptions).

Tags have been been requested and enabled, now go back to the past entries and tag them!!! ['cuz the mods are in Summer Mode and probably busy goofing off! :0) ].

Please be sure to tag responsibly (A god litmus is asking, "Would this post be useful to other people next month (or next semester)?" A textbook for sale, an apartment sought or another highly individualized post probably wouldn't be so useful to others.).
[Hey, don't fuck it up. If member tagging gets turned off, I'm pretty sure that the community mods will get around to updating tags eventually (probably right after the Memories are updated). :0) ]

The community user info page has been updated to reflect tagging.

Got suggestions for other tags (that would be useful for others)? If so, leave a reply (plus why you think it would be useful, if the category is not so obvious).

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